De 11 genomineerde films van Twente Short 2023

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Balcony Cacophony – Quentin Haberham

When a rich lady with a passion for topiary must swap her mansion with lush gardens for a tiny council flat, she finds it difficult to cope with her new neighbour and his strange hobbies.

Quentin Haberham is a stop-motion filmmaker and animator with a soft spot for character-driven stories and visual metaphorso

Real Love Baby – Tim Gersen

In this short film, a couple is going through the miraculous process of giving birth, but what they bring into the world is not what they expected. This slightly dark comedy uses a unexpected metaphor to comment on materialism.


Parkeerplaats –  Ties Kalker

When the Albanian family consisting of Dardant, Guray and Nessim enter the parking garage, Dutch couple Ella and Pieter are complaining about politics and life in general which leads to a collision in expectations and parking tickets.

Makine Parkimi

Melk – Niek de Leeuw

Melk is a movie about my expectations of being gay. Why do so many people focus on the sex between two men. When you come out of the closet do you have to have a lot of sex with a lot of men or is there still a possibility for a cozy life?

Don’t touch – Rene Smaal, Angelica Andersson

A young backpacker moves into a bed and breakfast, only to find out that untamed curiosity is a dangerous trait.

Amy & May – Catherina Iosifidis

The friendship between two best friends is tested when they meet two French boys at a cave party. 

Floor 43 – Sophya Kebets

On her late-night shift, an oblivious cleaner gets ready to clean and to bust some moves in a lawyer’s office. She cleans up the bad deeds of an intruder that has ravaged the office.


Back – Yazan Rabee

Back – Yazan Rabee

A chase, footsteps closing in; as you approach your house, it moves further away. This is a recurring nightmare, shared by many Syrians who have fled their homeland. At night they find themselves back in their hometowns, running, chased by invisible men. They’re looking for a safe place they can never reach. BACK dives into this nightmare to examine where it stems from. Did the trauma start at the protests against Bashar al-Assad, like it did for director Yazan Rabee? Or do we have to go back further to the terror during the reign of Bashar’s father, Hafez al-Assad?

Amy and I – Bastiaan Rook

In een gezellig restaurant viert Amy met haar vriend John hun jubileum. In het gesprek waarbij ze terugkijken op hun relatie, blijkt dat er de laatste tijd meer downs dan ups waren.

Impulse – Thomas van Lisdonk

In December 6, 1917, train coordinator Vincent and his colleague are alerted about a collision in the harbour. When they have to evacuate immediately, Vincent realises that he is faced with one final task.

The Exchange – Marie Lormeau

When a curious young woman finds an antique chest, she decides to take it home and give it a new life. She will soon discover it is no ordinary chest.